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Hear from some of our many satisfied customers:

Alan Box at Pactiv Corporation commented “Jim McAuley has helped us reduce compressed air operating costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past ten years at multiple facilities.”

And from Northrop-Grumman “After Hurricane Katrina, Jim McAuley helped plan and implement a long term strategic upgrade and management program for Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding-Gulf Coast's very large, geographically diverse compressed air system.”

Jeff Barlage a Maintenance Manager at Johns Manville added “ McAuley was able to uncover and quantify savings that were immediately achieved well in excess of the cost of his study”.

At MAHLE Engine Components Jim Baert concurred “McAuley demonstrated with collected data, how proper adjustment of system controls reaped huge energy savings and improved reliability at almost no cost to implement.”



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